Why is my account disabled?

  • 12 April 2021
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Es la primera vez que uso Klaviyo y me deshabitaron la cuenta al intentar enviar mi primer correo masivo.  

Creo que tengo dos problemas:

  1. Tengo que hacer algo que llaman verificación manual y ya respondí todas las preguntas que enviaron a mi correo, pero no sé si es lo único que se debe hacer
  2. Cuando iba a enviar el correo, kLAVIYO me decía que faltaba una casilla para “Cancelar suscripción” que no logré encontrar en los bloques que se insertan en las plantillas

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Hi @SaanaSalud

Thanks so much for writing into the Community and for sharing this experience. For consistency sake, and so that others can see the question/answer too, I’m going to just quickly do a translation for your question so that we can best address your post. 


This is the first time I have used Klaviyo and my account was disabled when I tried to send my first mass email.

I think I have two problems:

I have to do something they call manual verification and I have already answered all the questions they sent to my email, but I don't know if it is the only thing to do
When I was going to send the email, kLAVIYO told me that it was missing a box for "Cancel subscription" that I could not find in the blocks that are inserted in the templates

Typically, an account will trigger a manual compliance check due to security with newer accounts. In this case, after triggering a manual review, you should have been emailed a set of questions that would need to have been answered and passed back to the Compliance team for the final check – it sounds like you have already completed this step, so if everything checks out on your account, you should receive notification from our team that your account has been restored. Typically, our manual reviews turn around quickly, so if it’s been a few days already, please let us know in the thread. In some scenarios, it’s possible that the email from Klaviyo went into another email folder, or was sent to the inbox of the admin of an account if there are multiple users. You can read more about Klaviyo’s Account Verification Process here

For your second question, if you have received feedback that you’re missing a Cancel Subscription or Unsubscribe block, you can follow along with this article to add an Unsubscribe link in your email. You can also learn more about Unsubscribes in this Guide to Unsubscribes in Klaviyo, and read more about the preference pages here.


Hope this is helpful! 

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I have already tried plenty of things and replied several times to you guys, but untill now I haven’t recieved a single answer. Just one, asking me for a ton of information (wich I provided the same day), and 4 days later my account is still disabled. I already started a marketing project thta includes seding some ebooks to leads, but I have to send them 1 by 1 because my account doesn’t work.


This is my last resort hoping that FINALLY someone is gonna help me.

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Hello @CarlosV,

Thank you for your patience and apologies on the delay it took to getting your account re-enabled. It appears that my colleague, @dov.derin, already took the liberty of responding to your Community post on this topic below:

It appears that your account may have triggered Klaviyo’s one-time manual review compliance check which was done to ensure that Klaviyo can maintain a high email deliverability for all customers. Klaviyo’s anti-abuse and campaign monitoring system is a one-time process for all new accounts which seems to have concluded and verified. Thanks so much for your patience on this and apologies for any frustration it may have caused.

Happy sending!