Why isn't my viewed product metric not being tracked on Turbo Shopify theme?

  • 14 April 2022
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 i have checked active on site metric with the steps given in Test Web Tracking and it’s working absolutely fine but viewed product metric is not working I've paste the code correctly through guide and pasted in product.liquid file but it’s not just working plz help me out shopify theme : turbo version 5.0.0  @Bobi N.  @max77 



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Welcome to the Community! Happy to have you! Great job at checking out our documentation to set up Viewed Product Tracking.


Depending on your theme, where you put the snippet can change. However, adding the snippet to your product.liquid theme file is the correct location for you theme!


Can you confirm that there is a learnq code snippet when you look at the source code in your product pages? It should be at the very bottom of your product page’s source code. In order to investigate this, right click on your product page > View Source Code > Control + F > learnq . If you don’t see the code snippet, that will help identify what’s going on here. However, if you do find the Viewed Product Snippet, it could be that no one has triggered the metric yet, i.e. a cookied user, or known Klaviyo user has viewed a product on your website yet. 


In order to test this, you can cookie your own browser, if you aren’t already, by adding the below sequence to the end of your browser on your homepage. After you add this in the browser, hit the Refresh button then navigate to your product page and look through various products on your site, hopefully triggered the Viewed Product metric. 



Afterwards you can check your email address’s profile and see if the Viewed Product Metric recorded on your profile. 


Hope this helps! Thanks for participating in the Community!