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  • 26 April 2022
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I changed my default sender email, but it keeps using the wrong one. I tested it out by leaving a product in my cart. Does anyone know why?

Also my second question is how to prevent my mails going spam? I already connected my own send domain and I made a professional email (info@domainname), but my old personal email keeps being used as sender.

I would highly appreciate it if someone could assist me in this matter.

2 replies

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Hi @mortada677, welcome to the community!

If you want to change your “default” email address as the sender of your messages, go to your Account Settings → Contacts Information → Organization and update the email address there.  

Like this:


Just note, this doesn’t change the sender email address of any messages you may have already created in existing Flows or Campaigns, but moving forward new messages will have the default email address preset. 

Hope this helps!

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Hey @mortada677,

I think @retention is on the right track for this! As he mentioned, if you haven’t you’ll want to update your sender address in your existing flows or campaigns that were created before you set up your dedicated sending domain. I would suggest taking a look at our How to Change the Sender Email Address to find out more details on how to update the sender address from your existing emails.