3 Month Deliverability Issue

  • 7 October 2022
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I am working with a brand for 3 months now, and we cannot fix deliverability.

We have tried the following:

  • Sending campaigns to only engaged people. Audience is about 100 and open rates are 40%+
  • Removed all flows except Welcome and Abandon Checkout
  • Directing customers from the PopUp to open their email to receive their discount. Customers will still not follow through to open these emails.
  • Tested Double Opt In

Emails are still landing in spam on the Welcome and Flow emails. The list is not growing as we have double opt in and people aren’t approving it.

Is there a case to just start again with a new sending domain as it seems this domain is lost on us? If so, what would be the process for this?

Right now, we cannot generate enough revenue from customers to justify continuing charging this client and we are at loose ends as to what to do next. 


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Hello @yoghan9,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Whenever there’s been any negative impact to your sending reputation, it’s going to take time to repair. Three months may not be enough and could take longer. This why it is so important to maintain a positive sending reputation and why we stress following deliverability best practices. Overall, there really isn’t a way to start a new sending domain. In essence, your sending reputation is intertwined with your brand. This means that to “start a new sending domain” is like saying you’re going to start a new business/brand from scratch. 

I would also advise taking a look at our Champion, @Spark Bridge Digital LLC’s great write up on getting out of the Spam folder:

If this client of yours recently switched over from a different ESP, I would also investigate to see if they were previously authenticated or sending from their own dedicated sending domain. If so, keep in mind you’ll also want to setup and use a dedicated sending domain now that they’ve switched to Klaviyo. Else a a misalignment in the sending domains will cause emails to land in spam since inbox providers will see this as suspicious. Additionally, I would take a look at both our How to Strengthen Your Sender Reputation and How to Reduce Spam Complaint Rates Help Center articles if you haven’t already.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for this David. The client had been sending emails for a few months prior to us onboarding them and they didnt have a dedicated sending domain or DNS set up correctly. So we found ourselves in spam from day one when we set up our own sending domain.

We will continue down this route for some time more.

Thanks for the reply.