add to cart metric isnt syncing data in analytics

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I have been trying to get this metric working for days now. At first when i applied the snippet code to create the abandonment cart flow, it gave the green tick and said its working. After testing to receive the emails, i found out the ‘add to cart’ data is not being sent to klaviyo analytics. I have tried both methods for an ID and class notation but nothing seems to work.

Above is a screenshot of the inspector tool hoving over my add to cart button. By the looks of it, I would use the ID but neither work. is there maybe a slight change I need to make to help it recognise.

I use the shopify theme ‘venture’ if that is any help.

Any help would be amazing.



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@ethan I see that now, what does your event script look like?  Can you paste that code here too?
if it’s not obvious, everything in javascript case-sensitive and has to match exactly. 

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Hey @ethan,

It looks like you had commented on a similar Community thread with the same issue which I’ve already answered. I’ve linked the thread below for others who may be following along on this topic:

Great callout @retention! Case -sensitivity is a crucial aspect when working with javascript!

Have a great day!