Added to cart metric will only happen when specifying ?

  • 12 August 2022
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I set up so I can track added to cart metric in klaviyo however I can only see that in klaviyo when I specify ? In the past it was working but after upgrading to OS2.0 I can’t track without specifying utm_email what do i need to do?



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Hi @SK101,

Thanks for sharing and quick question.

Are you seeing an error of some sort when trying to search for other emails that have the added to cart metric?

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No. Just Viewed Product metrics are there but Add to cart metric. But if I add ? I can see. 

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Can you confirm that you properly added the add to cart snippet to your sites?

Klaviyo's Viewed Product snippet and Added to Cart snippets were designed to be installed within Shopify's product.liquid theme files. If you navigate to your Shopify admin > Online Store > Edit Code, you should now see a product.json template instead. 

Click on the product.json template and refer to the name you see listed within sections > main > type:


*Please note that the names within your “sections” may vary, and there may be multiple sections. You need to find the section referring to "main".

In this example, the name is product-template. Then locate that title within the Sections folder: 


In this example, it is the product-template.liquid section file that we would open up, and search for the characters schema


Then, you can proceed to insert the Viewed Product snippet and Add to Cart snippet (if desired) directly above the schema line and click Save. 

Just bear in mind that the metric will only fire for customers who have been previously cookied by Klaviyo. 

We cookie users in 2 main ways:
- If a user clicks through a Klaviyo email that leads back to your site
- If a user signs up via a Klaviyo sign up form.


I am also going to create a ticket to see if this is a bug or something internal on your account end that we cannot see in the Community.