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  • 19 January 2023
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We provide a banner for one of our partners in all of our email campaigns (and there are many). Is there any way to see aggregate click information on those banners? We are using UTM tracking tags in the banner URLs. And the URLs are “outbound” links which take the user to the partner website; not our. 

I know I can go into each individual campaign and see the click tracking, but it would be very time intensive to go through all of our campaigns to compiles a report. 

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Hello @LonnieK ,

Welcome to the Community.

Would something like using the Metrics API be of help? 

If I recall correctly, there is not a feature within Klaviyo (aggregating click totals for a given element over a specific timeframe).
I'll forward this to our Product Team for consideration in future updates to the platform.

Also in order to differentiate link activity in multiple elements that use the same URL, you will need to add additional parameters to your links in order to do this.  This article provides details around how you can do this:

As a note: you could set up custom UTM parameters with different appended variations for your links and then track those clicks in Google Analytics. This resource for may help you get started setting up custom UTMs to use in your email sending

Additionally, you may follow our guide here for configuring UTM parameters in your account: UTM Tracking in Klaviyo. One thing to keep in mind is that any custom UTMs or work done in Google Analytics is something we won't be able to provide support for. 

I will look into this case further as well.