All of my emails are bouncing. Need help please

  • 21 October 2021
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I'm having trouble with my emails. They all are bouncing. I just recently migrated my Wix account to Shopify. I've set up my Klaviyo account and a few flows, but none of the flows are reaching my customers once triggered. Also i sent myself a test email and it still bounced.

Am I missing something on my end? I’m not sure why my emails are bouncing. 


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Hey @l.cummings 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community, hope I can help you with your deliverability concerns.

Bounced emails are either considered Hard or Soft, if the problem with deliverability is permanent like the email address doesnt exist it is a hard bounce, or temporary issues like a customers inbox being full leads to a soft bounce. Knowing the reasons behind the bounced emails is important in order to solve the problem behind the bounces. You can follow the steps linked here to view hard bounce and soft bounce metrics.  Doing this will help you understand what profiles are being affected and why it is happening so you can customize a solution that will address this problem

Another thing to note, if you  your sending domain recently or your email service provider, you will need to warm your new sending infrastructure . This process targets your most engaged customers first as they are more likely to open your emails and help you build a great sending reputation with different email client hosts. Follow the guidance on the link provided to get started with warming your customer list. 

Check out this response from @retention on another community post about settings in your sending infrastructure that may need to be changed or updated as well. 

Hope this helps get you back on track to sending your content to your customers. Thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!