Analytics Issues for Campaigns

  • 4 October 2021
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Where can I go to see if Klaviyo is having issues with Analytic reporting?
Many of my numbers seem way off.
Is there somewhere to go to see current issues Klaviyo is having? 
I don’t want to react to fictitious numbers.  




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5 replies

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We are having similar issues! 

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Hello @JulieBac and @NNM_Aus,

Great question!

At present Klaviyo is wrapping up and resolve an incident pertaining to a delays in analytics processing. You can always see if Klaviyo has any known incidents by taking a look at the Klaviyo Status Page. On this page you can subscribe to receive news or updates pertaining to these issues and outages Klaviyo may be having to be as informed as possible of your account!

I hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community and for your patience as our team works to resolve this incident!


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Thanks David,

I am now hooked up with status reports. VERY HELPFUL!!:grinning:

Just a note, I am also very interested in receiving updates on iSO 15 analytics. I read an article a few days ago that was helpful ( but noticed it had NEW comments added to it yesterday when I re-read it. Maybe Klaviyo could also send out messages when they learn more about iSO 15 and how it affects Klaviyo’s analytics.

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Hey @JulieBac,

Glad you found our status page helpful!

We’ll absolutely be continuing to providing more details surrounding iOS 15 and how it impacts your analytics when we learn more details going forward. In addition to the blog post you highlighted, I would also encourage you to take a look at some existing Live Training Recap and recordings we offer to further understand the changes that iOS 15 brings. I’ve included some which I’ve found most helpful below:

Have a great day!


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Thanks Dave! I will check these out.