Any way to get Delivered total in custom reports?

  • 20 March 2023
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I have reports that I run every week to look at campaign and flow performance. For the purposes of these reports, I care more about the total delivered, but there doesn’t seem to be any metric for for that. Instead, I have to include Recipients and Bounces, export the data, and add a column to subtract and get the delivered total.

That seems like an unnecessary extra step; is there any way get this data natively in the report?


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5 replies

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Hello @Pkirby,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

To find the total number of delivered emails, you’ll have more luck using a single metric deep dive report based on the Received Email metric.

You could also use a multi-metric report if you wanted to see the total number of messages (email and SMS) sent by using the Received Email metric and Received SMS metric. 

I would also suggest taking a look at both our Email metrics reference and Review your SMS metrics Help Center articles to learn more about the these email specific metrics.

I hope this helps!


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Hi David,


Thanks for the reply. The single metric deep dive is helpful, but not quite what I’m looking. What I’m trying to get at is a report that shows by each campaign (or flow message) the number of delivered, unique opens, unique clicks, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. I can almost get that, but it still takes the extra step.

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Hey @Pkirby,


Glad that the single metric deep dive report is helpful! 


You should be able to get a report that shows each campaign (or flow message) the number of delivered emails, unique opens, etc. through a standard campaign performance report - or flows performance report. 


Hope this clarifies some things!


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@David To that doesn’t seem to match what I’ve seen in reports. For example, on a email I sent yesterday, the individual campaign report page shows 133,640 sent, and 133,272 delivered.

If I look at that campaign’s row in a campaign performance report, it shows 133,637 total recipients (not quite the same as on the other page), with 365 bounces. If I subtract that, it shows the same 133,272 delivered.

Is there something I’m missing here?

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Hi @Pkirby


Hopping in for my colleague here! Thanks for the additional clarification! 


I followed up with our reporting experts and can confirm that ‘total recipient’s is the number of intended recipients for your message, so it is a combination of deliveries + bounces. So the solution would be to manually subtract bounces from total recipients to fin the total delivered. 


However, David made a good point that you could get the metrics you’re looking for by running a multi-metric report that includes the metrics you listed before above, with the ‘received email’ metric to find the total delivered across flow and campaign messages.