Anyone elses open rates dropped overnight by 50%??

  • 29 September 2021
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Morning Team - this week we’ve seen our open rates drop by 1/3 and then ½ against our averages. Presumably due to the IOS changes? Our CTR are also down. Is anyone else seeing this? Any suggestions for how to combat it?




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@Pesky Rob - What percentage of your audience is on IOS?  You can take a look at it by going to the Campaign Analytics and “Advanced Reports” to see your mix Phone/iPad audience percentages. If it’s a large percentage, it could be a contributing factor - but from what people are saying, the “inverse” should be happening (open rates for IOS to be 100% since their new anonymizing service “opens” all the emails).  Since your CTR’s are down, this might not be an IOS specific issue.  Here’s some helpful articles I found useful to navigate this by Klaviyo’s team:

Check to see if any specific inbox provider (e.g. Gmail) is a contributing to the lower open rates.  If you see any one inbox provider drop relative to others, you might have a deliverability issue - in other words, your emails are going into Spam Folders in bulk. 

I don’t want to make any presumptions, but have you been practicing good List management and sending practices?  Here’s some more resources:

 Hope this helps you find a path to a solution!

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Brilliant - thanks Joseph, I’ll look into the above. I’ve checked site traffic from iOS as well as Android and others and it’s actually all down. So I’m not sure it’s the updates that are contributing to this. It does seem strange that we’ve dropped from an average of 30% open rate since the start of the year to under 10% this week but perhaps it’s down to the subject lines we’ve used this week (although they’re not that different to previous ones).

Thanks again


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Also seeing abnormally low open rates beginning 2 days ago.. mostly gmail related. I think Klaviyo is having gmail deliverability issues. 

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Hey @zapcorionrexxx,

Adding to @retention’s great insights into how iOS 15 impacts open rates, I would further suggest evaluating your own sending practices to see if they have changed recently such as targeting a list or segment you don’t normally target or targeting contacts who may be “cold” or not engaged. 

In addition to the great resources that Retention had provided, I would also suggest taking a look at some of the following Help Center and Community Post created by our Deliverability Team member to further understand deliverability and the impacts and cause of one’s decreasing KPIs:


I hope this helps!


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Hi guys


I came across this thread as I was looking for the exact same question/answer!


I have been experiencing the sudden drop of 50% in open rates and click through rates starting around 29th and 30th September and continuing till now.


It is the same email list, same content, same everything I can think of and these are our clients who we have sending to for years even before migrating to Klaviyo from Mailchimp a couple months back.


The drop of 50% is compared based on our average rates in Klaviyo over these past couple of months after we migrated over. 


It would seem like as a number of people are experiencing the exact same situation of having sudden drops, the problem should not be with individual accounts as it is very unlikely that we are all doing something wrong at the exact same time to experience such a drop?


Any help or insights are much appreciated!

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Hi guys, 


if anyone else is facing the same issue (I believe that there must be), please chime in here so we can all know the extent of this issue. 


Is it coincidence that this occurred at the same time the new iOS is rolled out?



Same issue here. It started with a campaign we sent on Oct 1. I’m seeing about ½ to 1/3 of the normal open and click rate compared to past campaigns to the exact same audience, with the similar content.

It also looks like conversions aren’t being tracked correctly. In this case we’re using email to promote a weekend sale. I can see the orders coming through our Shopify store but they aren’t being attributed in Klaviyo. 

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Yes, it seems everyone is facing a similar situation over these past few days. I hope Klaviyo can give us some guidance on this matter as I do love klaviyo over mailchimp. The integration is shopify has been much better and mails are hitting inboxes!


*PS my own monitoring accounts under my email list are getting the emails so it appears that emails are still being delivered. However, the open and CTR are completely warped now

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Excellent - I’m sorry others are experiencing similar problems but also happy it’s not necessarily something I’m doing wrong. Hopefully someone from @Klavivo can help us out with this.

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Hi Guys,

I’m experiencing the same issues, but it seems to be a tracking problem… Some campaigns have normal delivrability rates, other don’t… but one has caught my attention : 

I sent a link to a typeform quiz, like I often do (2 per month more or less).

I usually send to 100 customers with 99% deliverability, I have 80 opens, 75 clicks, 70 completed questionnaires.

This time Klaviyo gives me theses statistics: 
Sent 107
Delivered 51 (47%)
Opened 34 (66%)
Clicked 24 (47%)
but on Typeform I have 71 completed questionnaires, and my customers have no other way to access my questionnaire. 

In my opinion, the problem is more about data feed than deliverability. 

Have you had experiences in this direction?

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Hello @jamesk27, @kevinscott, and @coco_fra,

Thank you so much for the insights and details! In the event your sending practices have not drastically changed and your audiences are engaged and cleaned, the experience you are seeing may be the cause of a delay in Klaviyo’s analytics processing. Steaming back to September 30, we raised a public incident surrounding event processing delays for metrics within Campaigns, Flows, and Dashboard reports. Campaign sending, flow-triggering and real-time segmentation are not impacted by this incident, and no data is lost. 

Our Engineering team is actively working to resolve this issue and have the data catch back up to real-time. For the most up to date data information surrounding this incident, I would suggest subscribing to updates from our Klaviyo Status Page. Any updates or resolutions pertaining to this Delays in Analytics Processing Incident will be updated and shared publicly. 

I appreciate everyone’s patience as our team works to resolve this! Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Just a quick update! the stats are back to normal even for affected campaigns!

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I’m a new Klaviyo user, I have just migrated from Mailchimp.

I have sent 2 weekly newsletter campaigns so far via Klaviyo, but my open rates have halved compared to what they had consistently been on Mailchimp. I can see no other reason for this than the migration. 

Is this a data issue still, as reported higher up in this feed?

Not sure what to do, as I have heard everywhere that Klaviyo is great for Shopify integration etc, but I am really disappointed to see my open rates halve.


Thanks so much



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Hey @Amanda C,

Welcome to the Community! If you’ve recently switched over from MailChimp, did you previously have a dedicated sending domain set up? MailChimp calls this process as a Domain Verification

If so, you’ll want to re-verify your domain and set up a dedicated sending domain with Klaviyo as well. From my experience, a drop in open and click rates after migrating from a previously ESP is often times due to previously being on a dedicated sending domain. After migrating, if the dedicated domain is not set up again, it would seem suspicious from the inbox provider’s perspective that the emails previously being sent out were utilizing a dedicated domain while the recent emails were sent from a shared sending domain (typically of most ESPs). 

You can find instructions on how to set up a dedicated sending domain within Klaviyo from our How to Set Up a Dedicated Sending Domain Help Center article. I’ve also included some additional resources below that I think you’ll find helpful in understanding the impact the usage of a dedicated sending domain entails!