Apple Privacy Protection (MPP) Cheat Sheet

  • 19 October 2022
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Apple Privacy Protection (MPP) Cheat Sheet

Since Apple launched the new iOS 15 in 2021, we know you have a lot of questions around Apple Privacy Protection and how it impacts your email marketing strategy. The Growth Success team is here to break down key takeaways about this feature and share strategies on ways you can adapt to these new changes. Check out our Apple Privacy Protection Cheat Sheet link above!


Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Privacy Protection:


1. Are Open Rates important anymore?

Open rates will likely always be inflated due to the Apple Privacy Protection. We recommend the following:

  • Open Rates stay consistent around the same percentage across all campaign sends.

  • Look at Advanced Reporting in a Campaign to make sure all inbox providers are seeing similar rates as Apple Privacy Protection does not trigger if the email lands in spam so it is very obvious when an inbox provider is landing in spam.  

  • Prioritize tracking Click Rate (not CTR) to make sure it is over 1% as Click Rate is not inflated by APP but can be impacted by segmentation that does not include the APP filter.


2. Revenue Attribution: How Does This Affect My Revenue Attribution?

We expect at least some accounts to experience inflated open rates. We know this can lead to misleading attributions. That’s why we’re giving you the option to change to either a click-only email attribution model, or to omit only Apple privacy opens from your email attribution.

If Apple mail accounts for the minority of your total email opens, or you don’t engage in marketing outside of the email channel, you may want to remain on the “opened or clicked email” attribution model. If Apple privacy opens account for the majority of your total email opens, and you are experiencing inflated total revenue attribution across your marketing channels, we recommend switching to “opened or clicked email (excluding Apple privacy opens)” as your attribution model.


3. I just started with Klaviyo. Is this something I need to be aware of as I’m warming my account?

If you are just getting started with Klaviyo, or have a list size that’s less than 1,000 contacts - you likely have areas of higher impact that you want to focus on right now. Keep an eye on the changes and consider using Click Rates as your primary engagement metric.


4. How does this affect my email subscriber List?

There are a couple ways Klaviyo will be helping you understand the impact to your account. We recommend the following:

  • Segment your audience by using the Apple Privacy Opens to find out exactly who is using mail privacy protection (see Audience Segmentation section above).

  • Run a single metric deep dive report to see how many Apple Privacy opens are occurring over time.

5. What steps do I need to take to be ready for BFCM?

Now is a great time to follow these steps above to determine how many subscribers have Apple Privacy Protection enabled to help you prepare for BFCM, who you will be targeting during the holiday weekend, and how to monitor your email performance.


Have more questions? Please share with us by commenting below! 

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