Beginner email marketer - working with a new store (>10 email list) looking for advice

  • 2 July 2022
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This is my first time working with a client. The store I am working with has a large instagram following (300k) and are just setting up their email marketing channel, they have not yet leveraged their following to grow the list

I have created some core flows for them (welcome series, cart, browser, checkout abandon) all tested and I’m happy with them. All these flows are 9 emails long and 11-14 days long - is this too long for a new store?


I am now working on their winback, upsell, sunset series etc.

I have created a pop up form which is currently being A/B tested 



Looking for some advice for my best next step once I have the rest of the flows complete.

Is there anything crucial I need to do before we start leveraging their IG following to grow the list?






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Hi Vaughan, it's great that you have set these CORE email flows for their audience because it's very important to start with the most engaging emails for a new account.


This is to build your sender's reputation and email deliverability score.


You asked if the number of emails are long for a store. Let's look at them individually.


-Welcome email: I'd suggest you should send a welcome email flow containing 4 individual emails.




Here's what your welcome emails sequence can look like:


First email: Brand story

Second email: Social Proof/Testimonial

Third email: Press feature

Fourth Email: "Follow us on Socials.


Any subscriber who doesn't open or click-through to make a purchase in first email will be sent the second. And any one who doesn't open or click the second email, will be sent the third. 


When to send them?

There are no hard rules. You can send the second email 2 days after the first. And then the third email, 4-5 days after the second. And finally the fourth email 5 days after the third. So this brings the total number of days for the sequence to 11.


You are right on track.

2.) For your browse/cart/checkout emails: the most important thing in setting up flows is Segmentation.


Segmentation these flows and filter them based on:


- Location


- Amount spent


- Gender


-Category of products


- Opened/clicked

(Or whatever criteria you seem fit


And as time goes on you can increase the criteria to:


-F0s, F1s, F2s (has the subscriber never purchased from you, is the customer a first time buyer, or two-time or more)




-Lapsed engaged


-CLV etc

When you have filtered your flows with these Segmentation, you could end up having 10 individual emails. 


It's all dependent on the how big the store is and the wide range of products.


Setting up a winback series or sunset can be much later since they are just starting to use the email marketing channel.


3.) For Upsell/Post-purchase, these can be 3-4 individual emails long.


For example, let's say the store sells sneakers. Now a subscriber has purchased a sneakers shoes.


Your Upsell email can be shoe laces. If the user doesn't open/click, you can send a second email selling shoe polish.


Then the third email can be a bundle email where you show the subscriber the shoe laces+ shoe polish and give a discount, in addition to the shoe they already bought.


This doesn't have to be that long.


To leverage their IG followers , you can share the email opt-in form on IG story and Highlights using link stickers for a closed-subscriber incentive.

The followers will have to opt-in to your email list to get the incentive, which can be $OFF or Free gift or %OFF. 

Then clone the opt-in pop up on their site. And change the settings to embed.


Then create a page within their ecommerce store such as and then copy the embedded code and add it to the stores page.


Why you want to do this is so that when a follower clicks on the email opt-in link you've posted on their story, they are led to a page specifically for the email opt-in.


I hope I've been able to help.

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This is great - thank you for taking the time to answer me Edgar

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First, congrats on your first client! When you’re ready to leverage their Instagram following to grow their email list I recommend using Instagram giveaways.

You can just use simple rules like:

  1. Follow me
  2. Tag 2 friends in the comments
  3. Subscribe to my email list at my link in bio for 10 bonus entries

On average each giveaway you could get around 5% of the following to enter the giveaway and around 43% of those who enter will also subscribe to their email list. I used 3 years of Instagram and Klaviyo data to create a calculator here to show realistic estimates.

I’d recommend starting small and using inexpensive prices. For example, Hydroflask drives TONS of engagement just giving away $30 water bottles. So rather than do one giveaway with a huge prize, do a couple a month with smaller prizes to see better returns.