Bounces and spam issues with German emails

  • 13 June 2023
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Hi all, 


I know everyone is having issues with email addresses for some time now.

I’ve implemented all of the suggestions from t-online on my German clients accounts (dedicated sending domains, consistent volume, double opt it, SPF, DKIM and DMARC) and they are still bouncing.

I can live without t-online if it was the only one, but I ran an inbox placement test with Email on Acid and,, and are all going straight to spam too.  

It appears these emails aren’t reading the SPF and DMARC records at all: issues
No Gmail issues

Is there any solution here? Or even something to try? Feeling hopeless & frustrated 😢




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Hello @LydiaQuincy,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Outside of running an inbox placement test through Email on Acid, have you tried sending test emails to these inboxes to confirm these findings? In my own experience, I always suggest verifying results from third-party providers to confirm the findings. 

When DKIM passes but SPF fails, this oftentimes is a false negative stemming from an misaligned from address domain. This is further supported by having a failed DMARC - which suggests a misaligned domain authentication. 

That is all to say, this would be something you’ll want to investigate further with your IT/Network administrator. Klaviyo also offers an extensive network of Klaviyo Partners who can further help with these in-depth matters. Some of these partners are also experts in deliverability and troubleshooting DNS issues like our Community champion, @inboxingmaestro.

I hope this helps!