Branded sending domain for two Klaviyo accounts on same root domain

  • 28 February 2024
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Tearing my hair out trying to resolve this … any help appreciated.

We have two websites built on Shopify (B2B and B2C), with one being the subdomain of the other (e.g. Each Shopify is linked to a Klaviyo account, which has been fine for us so far.

When trying to set up branded sending domains, I’m only able to activate it on our B2B Klaviyo account. I get the following error message: “There is a maximum of one sending subdomain per domain level. For more help, please contact Klaviyo support.” I tried different variations for each Klaviyo account (i.e. and but still receive the error.

Today, I removed the branded sending domain from the B2B account and set up the branded sending domain with the subdomain included (i.e. This activated okay, but when I went to add to the B2C Klaviyo, I get the same error.

Our next best option is to move one of the accounts over to Mailchimp, but we’d prefer to keep everything with Klaviyo.


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5 replies

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@ebusiness pros thanks for the mention.

My experience on this is a bit limited - but my understanding is that if you have two Klaviyo accounts, on the same top level domain (TLD), then you can use the same branding domain in the setup (e.g.  

Even though they share the branded sending domain, when you do this in each Klaviyo account, it should still generate unique DNS credentials you can apply to your DNS records.


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Hey @Stuart! Setting up branded sending domains for multiple accounts that use subdomains gets super complicated super fast. But don’t worry, we can sort this out!


Without going into nitty gritty technical details, the reason you’re having trouble is because of the way Klaviyo leverages SendGrid to manage these records. In short, it’s not possible to use different first level subdomains from the same root domain ( and without doing some real backend technical ju-jitsu.


Thankfully, a super simple solution is to add an additional TXT record to your current DNS records with your API key. This way, you can use the same branded sending domain as your parent account. In your child account you’d generate Static DNS records as normal, grab your API key, and pop in an additional record like so: klaviyo-site-verification=public_API_key TXT



With this setup, you'll be using the exact same branded sending domain on BOTH accounts ( On your child account, you then can use your From address as

Hope that helps! :)

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Hi @Stuart! Welcome to the community, and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. 


@retention or @kaila.lawrence might be able to help you get unstuck with more specific information.






Setting up branded sending domains for two Klaviyo accounts on the same root domain involves a few steps to ensure proper configuration and deliverability. Here's a general guide

Verify Domain Ownership

Set Up Branded Sending Domain

Configure DKIM and SPF

Test Deliverability

Monitor and Maintain


Thanks for your reply @Sale pro. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at the “set up branded sending domain” step. It will not let me activate branded sending domain on the second Klaviyo account.

I’ll try following this and see how I get on: