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  • 23 March 2024
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It’s been really difficult to understand on how to setup Branded Sending Domain for the subdomain. 

So I have 2 stores in 2 different market. US and Germany 

US site is the root domain while Ge is the subdomain ( &

I have already set up Branded sending domain for US site BUT having issues with setting up with the Ge site. 

While I have read couple of articles that mentioned that
“ in Klaviyo, you can use the same subdomain for multiple accounts since it will all be attributed to that one domain in your DNS. For example, if you manage a US and UK account for a given brand, you can use the same sending domain for both. If you use one sending domain across multiple accounts, the CNAME or NS records should be the same, but each account will have a different TXT value and each TXT value needs to be added into the DNS record.”

 So TXT record is added successfully! 

So I have CNAME records for US and NS records for German site. As I mentioned US set up is completed but when adding NS record in Godaddy there is an error saying “Record name send conflicts with another record.” 

How do I resolve this completely?


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The issue seems to be a conflict with the "send" record name in your Godaddy DNS settings for the German subdomain ( Here's how to resolve it and set up branded sending for both US and German sites:

Solution (Recommended):

  1. Rename Klaviyo NS Record: In Klaviyo settings (Sending Domains), change "send" to a unique name (e.g., "").
  2. Update DNS Record: Add the new Klaviyo NS record with the unique name to your German subdomain's DNS on Godaddy.

Alternative (Use with Caution):

  1. Modify Conflicting Record: In Godaddy DNS for, delete or adjust the existing "send" record (if not critical for other services).

After implementing either solution:

  • Wait for DNS propagation (up to 24 hours).
  • Re-add Klaviyo NS record (should work now).
  • Send a test email and verify headers show the correct sending domain (

It worked!! Thanks a ton @Sujal 

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Sweet! Glad to be of help!