Can I create a metric that records if a Buy Now button is clicked?

  • 8 January 2023
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Hi everyone!

I am using Shopify and already installed the Add To Cart → Class snippet.

I can see the “Add to Cart” event triggering. But what I am looking for is to understand if there is any way I could also send Add To Cart events when visitors use the “Buy Now” option?

Because that option send people directly to Checkout (no add to cart) and the Checkout initiated event is only trigger after completing the 1st step of the checkout (information page).


So the problem is that I have visitors clicking Buy Now, not finishing the first information page in the checkout. So this people the last event I have from them is “View Product”


How could I measure and send events to reduce this gap between “View Product” event and “Initiated Checkout” (because it triggers on the second page of the checkout)

Thank you very much!



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Hi there @matiasu


Welcome to the Community ! Love the idea of not losing any opportunity to target a customer, especially one so close to a purchase! 


It is definitely possible to trigger an event based on someone clicking on the “buy now” button. Essentially, as you’ve configured your ‘Add to Cart’ code to ‘listen’ for someone to press the button, you can similarly alter the Add to Cart function to record any clicking of a button you desire. I would follow the instructions outlined in a similar questions below on the direction you can take to create a code to listen to when a customer presses the ‘buy it now’ button as well. T


You could also check out our developer documentation on how to  submit events based on website activity,  like a ‘Banner clicked’ metric for instance. It should be noted that both these workflows require custom coding!


This way you can use this custom metric to create a flow to target these interested, but non-purchasing customers with the trigger action “Buy it now” button with the Flow filter:  What Has or Hasn’t been done > Placed Order > Since starting this flow. 


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community!