Can I create custom reports to only show data from certain campaigns?

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Our company contacts both retail customers as well as our stockists, in which campaign behaviour between both lists are very different. 

Our ‘public’ emails are sales driven, with links to our websites, however our ‘stockists’ emails are not, and often very different in regards to metrics. 

Because of this, the ‘Email Performance Review’ on our dashboard is quite out of sync with what we want to view, which is data our ‘public’ emails only. 

Is there a way we can only track performance data from certain emails? 

For example, our campaign titles will either start with ‘PUBLIC’ or ‘STOCKIST’. 

Can a custom report be set up that shows data only from campaigns that show ‘PUBLIC’ in the title? 

Many thanks


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Hi there @Stefan_TheFIbreCo.


Great question, happy to help!


Yes you can definitely create a custom report to show data from only specific campaigns! There are two great options to do this:

1. Tag all campaigns you want to include in the report, for example your ‘PUBLIC’ emails, and then filter based on tag you choose when you make the report:

2. Create a report grouping results by campaign, export it as CSV and only look at the campaigns you want to. 


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That’s great thank you!

In regards to campaigns already sent, is it possible to add tags to those campaigns? 


Many thanks

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Hey @Stefan_TheFIbreCo.,

You can absolutely add tags to campaigns thats were already sent or to flows that have already been built out. 

You can add tags to an existing campaign by:

For existing campaigns:

  1. Head to Campaigns
  2. Click the checkboxes beside each campaign.
  3. Select the Add/Remove Tags dropdown and click Add Tags. You can add tags to all campaigns regardless of whether or not they have already been sent.

These instructions are also mentioned in our How to add a tag to a campaign or flow Help Center article.


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That’s great thank you for your help!