Can I upgrade my plan to increase sending around Cyber Weekend then downgrade the next month?

  • 30 October 2022
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November is coming and we are planning on sending a big bunch of emails, ideally X2.5 than our current limit number.


Is it possible to upgrade a plan for a month only and then downgrade it a little the next month? 


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 1 November 2022, 16:42

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5 replies

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Hi there @Itamar


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


I definitely understand increased sending around Cyber Weekend. While you can definitely upgrade and downgrade at any time, I think it’s always important to consider the surrounding factors around upgrading to send a larger volume than normal. For instance, what is your sending reputation like for your brand? Do you have a strong deliverability that can handle the increase in volume?


I would recommend investigating your current open rates and ensure these are strong before increasing volume. If you are in good standing with inbox providers, then you should be good for a sudden spike in sending. However, if you are still establishing your sender reputation/warming your account or you open rates are low, a spike in sending volume would negatively impact your deliverability therefore sending lots of your emails to spam and you’ll have to put a lot of effort into repairing your sender reputation so inbox providers trust you again.


Finally, I’d recommend checking out these topics for further insight into this! 


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Thanks Taylor,


These are good suggestions.


I would much appreciate an answer to my Q.


Is it possible to upgrade our plan for a month only and then downgrade it the next month, for example to send 1M emails in November and then downgrade our plan to 500K when we are back to normal?




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@Itamar Short answer, yes, you can change your pricing level. But Taylor had some great advice around if you should or not based on sender reputation. Increasing your sends could have a negative impact overall. 

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Hi @Itamar


Yes, as I mentioned previously, you are able to upgrade and downgrade at any time. To do so, navigate to your Account in the top right hand corner in the dropdown. Click on Billing> Email plans. When you want to downgrade you can do that too following the same steps.


It should be noted that Klaviyo bills for the month ahead, so when you want to up/downgrade ensure that it is done before the net billing cycle!



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That’s a very useful information and yes I see you did mention downgrading in your first comment. Apologies, I probably missed it.