Can Suppressed Profiles Re-subscribe?

  • 7 January 2022
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To help improve deliverability, I am adding contacts which have gone through the WinBack flow and still not engaged to suppressed profiles. Before suppressing them, I am sending them a goodbye email with a link to re-subscribe.

If an unengaged subscriber is added to the suppressed profiles list, can they re-subscribe if they have decided they want to receive emails again?


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6 replies

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Hi @lex_zap,

Welcome to the Community! I hope I can provide some info regarding suppressed profiles and winback flows.

If you were to suppress or add any clients to your suppression list and these clients later subscribed through your form and / or made a purchase, they would be automatically removed from the suppressed list and move back to the original list they subscribed to. 
The same would apply if the client was suppressed manually. Whenever someone unsubscribes, they become globally suppressed in Klaviyo. However, contacts can re-subscribe and be re-added to your list at any time. But unsubscribed and suppressed profile will need to resubscribe to be unsuppressed. If you manually upload their profile information again or they resubscribe to a list via another source, such as a Facebook lead ad or some 3rd-party form tools, they will not be marked as unsuppressed in Klaviyo and you will not be able to email them.
Here is our resource link that discusses suppressed profiles - About Suppressed Profiles in Klaviyo
This link may also be helpful when looking at the issue of unsubscribing and resubscribing.
If at some point you decide you want to revert a suppression on any client, and remove them from suppressed list, you can always look at the clients profile in the Profile tab to view their activity and to be if they are globally suppressed - Guide to List Cleaning.

Additionally, here are some Community posts regarding winback flows I would recommend to you!

Thank you and have a good day!

This is not quite correct for all cases. What I’ve seen is the below:

Manually added profiles to a list which are NOT opted-in by import will still be emailable. They’re not suppressed, but have an empty value. If you send an email to ‘all unsuppressed profiles’ these people will receive an email from you, as on profile level they arent suppressed. Same is true for any new list they subscribe themselves to. All of the above is based on double-opt in verification, and that’s important to point out here.
You have to add a list level inclusion or exclusion to avoid this. Depending on your location not having double opt-in might be a potential data breach as you cant prove their double opt-in, so I’d be careful around simply injecting profiles into lists and assuming ‘is not suppressed for email’ will suffice.

I’m also reading the term ‘globally’ a lot in the community and it needs clarifying for the casual reader that it only refers to the highest account level of your Klaviyo instance, and not to any stores you have globally. it is perfectly possible for your US, EU, or worldwide customers to be added or to add themselves to a list for each store and receive duplicates per territory if you’re not careful with your import , clean your data or use territory based exclusions, or pay attention when adding an integration with consolidated data.

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Hi everyone, i've read that people who unsubscribe from a list and then re-subscribe to that same list are added again to it.


I've also read that people can't enter a list-triggered flow more than once, so that means that they won't receive anything when they resubscribe to the same list, am i correct?

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Hi @Shiroyasha ,

List-based flows (like a Welcome Series), contacts can only receive a list-triggered flow once. If someone is removed from a list and then re-added to that same list, they will not re-trigger the flow. For example, if someone unsubscribes from your newsletter list and then re-subscribes, they will not receive the welcome series again.  So even if a profile were to use the same signup form again, they will not be able to re-enter that same flow. 


@alex.hong - is there a way to enter them into a new flow, specifically for people who have unsubscribed and then resubscribed? Like a “welcome Back’ flow? If so, what would the trigger be? I can’t seem to figure this one out? Thanks!

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Hi @CarlyS ,

Klaviyo's List-Triggered Flows only allow contacts to go through them once. This means that if a profile unsubscribes from your Newsletter List and then resubscribes, they won't be queued to go through the same Flow. 

One way you might work around this is by creating a Segment-Triggered Flow for your Welcome Back Flow, where the Segment has the following conditions:


Under the "equals" field for both conditions, you would use the same List. This way, you could capture the profiles subscribed, unsubscribed, then resubscribed.

Another option you might use that might work better if you want to send resubscribers through your Flow multiple times would be to create an Event-Triggered Flow with the metric Subscribed to List as the trigger:


Here, you could add a Trigger Filter that specifies which List or Lists you want this to apply to. Your Flow Filters would specify to only include people who have unsubscribed before and aren't currently suppressed. By doing this together, your Flow would send to resubscribers regardless of how many times they unsubscribed and resubscribed.