Cannot figure out why "added to cart" isn't firing on my PageFly product page?

  • 11 November 2021
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So I have two things going on:  I’m using Dawn 2.0 and I’m using a pagefly product page that displays differently for desktop and tablet/phone. 

I can’t seem to get the “added to cart” event to work for me.  Anyone with similar setups have a work-around?


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Hi @SGEssential


Welcome to the Community, and thanks for sharing your question with us!


Our documentation walks you through how to  set up ‘Added to Cart’ for Shopify themes  and get this metric firing so you can use flows like ‘Browse Abandonment’ & ‘Abandon Cart’. It is important to note that the ‘Added to Cart’ code needs to be placed directly below the ‘Viewed Product’ code in your website’s theme files, as the ‘Added to Cart metric’ uses part of the previous code to fire correctly. However, if you can confirm you’ve done this, the issue might lie in that you’re using a PageFly product page.


If the events are not being recorded on the product pages that are hosted in PageFly, you'll need to add all the previous codes you have added to Shopify to your Pagefly pages so they can be properly tracked. It appears that PageFly has a method to globally install scripts on their site which is the method you will need to use to install the ‘Add to Cart’ code along with all the other Klaviyo codes: Klaviyo .js and Viewed Product snippet. You might need to contact their support team if you are unsure of where to edit the code for those pages. It should also be noted that this metric won’t be recorded in Klaviyo or start any flows until it is triggered, i.e. a cookied device has actually performed the action of ‘adding to cart’. 


Finally, as PageFly is a third-party integration, you will need to reach out to their support for the display issue you’re experiencing. I have found some of their Help Center and other documentation that might give additional insight into the matter for you! 

Thanks for asking your question in the Community!