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  • 16 August 2022
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Hello there! 

I recently had a dedicated IP assigned to my account, so for some time I was sending emails through one shared IP with a good reputation and a dedicated one, which had medium reputation at that time. 
I am also monitoring my deliverability through Inbox Monster and Postmaster tool to detect any changes that might be harmful for the reputation of my domain. 

Just within a week after sending emails from those 2 IPs, I noticed that the pool of my IPs was changed. Instead of seeing a dedicated IP and a good shared IP, I started sending email from 3 shared IPs with low reputation. 

Did anyone experience such unexpected change of IPs for their account? What might be the reason for it? 

Thank you! 


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Hi @Polina,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing here.

I believe that we have IP pools run on an automatic basis. If you are experiencing deliverability issues, I will open up a Support ticket for you and see if our D+C Team can get a better look into your account and specific campaigns.