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  • 24 February 2024
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Hi everyone,

I've recently updated all the flows for one of my client's accounts and noticed that the click rate isn't reflected in the welcome series or the customer thank-you emails, despite some purchases being made and the placed order rate being reflected. I also observed this issue in the second email of the abandoned checkout flow, while the click rate is normal in the first email of the same sequence. Do you have any insights into where the issue might lie?


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3 replies

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Hey @Nermine! Hmm, curious. Can you explain more about what you’re seeing? Is the click rate showing 0 despite orders being placed/obvious click-required behavior, or is it always 0 no matter what? Is this showing at only the campaign summary level or are the results different in any other reports?


It sounds like this is only affecting a few specific flows and not all campaigns, is that true?

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Hey @kaila.lawrence 

This issue is specifically observed in the initial email of the welcome sequence, as indicated in the attachment. But, the remaining flows and campaigns are exhibiting the expected click rates.

Additionally, I've noticed that the click rate is not being accurately displayed on individual profiles, as illustrated in the sample provided. I am uncertain about the root cause of this discrepancy.

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Very strange! This might be a bug, @Nermine, so I suggest reaching out to Support for further investigation.  


Do let us know what you find out!