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  • 24 June 2021
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We recently had our own email system block a campaign email as a phishing attempt. Our IT department investigated and found the combination of the and addresses in the message triggered the block (xxxxxx being a seemingly random combo of letters… didn’t know if it was sensitive or not).

I searched and found the directions for setting up our own custom click tracker domain to replace, but could find nothing about the address. If we replace will that be enough to avoid the phishing block? If is also contributing to blocks and spam designations, is there a workaround for it as there is for




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Hello @DougC,

Great question!

Setting up and using a dedicated click tracking as opposed to the standard Klaviyo tracking should alleviate your own system from seeing this tracking as malicious and blocking it. Should you need it again, you can find instructions on how to set up this custom click tracking from the How to Set Up Dedicated Click Tracking article. 

Klaviyo uses AWS ( to host our images. If your mailbox filters are recognizing addresses as potential threats, I would recommend working with your own IT department to set up new rules within your mailbox filters to ease this or set up a work around to prevent these addresses from being blocked. 

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