Creating Dashboard Cards with Tag Filters

  • 20 September 2022
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I’m currently looking to build a custom Dashboard  to track message opens and clicks visually over time based on different tags that I’ve been using for my email campaigns, with a different set of cards for each tag (e.g. Men’s, Women’s, Dual Gender, etc.)

I see that using Opens and Clicks for the metric on a blank card allows data to be filtered, but the closest I’ve been able to get to has been filtering by specific message names. Is there a way to filter by Campaign Tags or, if not, is it currently in the works? Or would my best option be to set up custom reports for each tag and creating my own visualizations?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Jmclellan,

Thank you for sharing this question with us.

There currently isn’t a way to filter by campaign tags using the analytics dashboard. I filed a feature request on your behalf - if the request garners enough interest, the team will consider building this out in the future. In the meantime, your best bet in this case is to create a campaign performance report and filter using tags.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a community member.