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  • 5 July 2022
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I have set up dedicated sending domain and applied for it. its been 24 hours its status is applied but to successfully set up? After how much time it is accepted? 


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Hi @Voldeye,

Thank you for sharing this question with us.

If you verified and applied your domain successfully, you should have seen a success message upon completion. If the domain was not able to be applied, you would’ve seen an error message appear prompting you to try applying the sending domain again. After you have set up your domain, when you return to the Domains & Hosting page in your account settings, you will see these changes in place (if it was applied successfully). You will also see the date on which these changes took place, and instructions on how to warm your sending infrastructure in the next two to four weeks.

It is essential to warm your sending infrastructure in the first two to four weeks after setting up your dedicated sending domain; this process involves limiting sending to only your most engaged subscribers. Warming your domain causes inbox providers to see you as a "good" sender and strengthens your sending reputation.

The basic process of warming is:

  • Turning on high-engagement flows (abandoned cart, welcome series, browse abandonment)
  • Migrating engagement data over from your previous email service provider
  • Begin sending campaigns to engaged segments
  • Monitoring your performance

I hope that’s helpful.