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  • 14 September 2022
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We’ve been experiencing deliverability issues as of late and wanted to ask the community for best practices to implement with our campaigns and flows. Right now one of our solutions is to add the following Flow Filter logic to all flows:  

Our Do Not Validity list is a list of all addresses we discovered that were Invalid, Spam Traps, etc. 

Any Feedback? Or, do you think this is a good solution?


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3 replies

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Hi @John Parker

I think this is a great idea and a reasonable way to approach this if you have manageable or small set of Flows. 

One other option I would offer is you can create a Segment that matches the above rules, and then create a Segment Triggered Flow (of that Segment) with a single step of an “Update Profile Property Action” to set a Custom Profile Property such as “do-not-email = True” or some reasonable property name that’s easy to recognize.

Then, in all your other Flows, you can set the Flow Filter to check for the Profile Property and exclude anyone with the property “do-no-email = True.”

One reason this is slightly better than your method is, in case you find other rules (or reasons) to flag someone as invalid, you have a bunch of options from updating that Segment or manually adjusting those profile properties in a bulk CSV upload, or possibly other places where you may want to set that property externally (from an API call in the future?).  That way, you won’t have to keep updating the Flow Filter (on every Flow) which might be cumbersome to maintain since the Flow Filter simply checks for that Flag and doesn’t have the rules/logic for you to maintain for each Flow.

Hope this helps!


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Another approach probably also already implemented by you is to only email engaged audiences for a while meaning those who've opened, clicked, placed order in an x period of time.


Alternatively you could have the opposite and not email people that have not been engaged in the last x period. i.e. all people that have received at least 5 emails in last 8 or 12 months but have not openend nor clicked nor bought something. Basically exclude these people for now untill deliverability is improved and see if you can recover them.


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Is this what you had in mind? This is what I came up with: 

Initial “DO NOT EMAIL” Segment

Create Custom Profile Flow - based on the above segment

Final “Flow Filter” logic