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  • 17 April 2023
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hi there! we are currently running two accounts to keep our audiences separate (and also pulling from two different Shopify domains). with this, we’ve been moving our audience between the two - importing large amounts of profiles. i just want to ensure that these large imports won’t impact our deliverability. 



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Hi @lynsey_crew,

Just to make sure I understand, you have 2 separate klaviyo and 2 separate shopify accounts. Each shopify account is connected to 1 Klaviyo account and you're (manually) export/importing profiles between the 2 Klaviyo accounts. Is this correct?

Both shopify domains are separate domains (same product? different language or currency?)

Deliverability wouldn't be impacted if you only email people that signup in Klaviyo account 1 from the same account and people who signed up in account 2 from that account. 

Issues might start rising once you start mixing this.
Have you set up domain authentication? Are you sending from separate email addresses?

My suggestion would be to treat both as separate accounts and focus on the domains people signup on/buy from.


Hope it helps.


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Hey @lynsey_crew,

I would agree with @Omar on all of his points. Especially on treating both domains as separate accounts and focusing on the domains people signup on/buy from. 

As far as affecting your deliverability goes, that’s a tougher question to answer and would be all dependant on the relationship of the two sites and how things are set up. For example, if subscribers of site A starts getting emails with information and branding from site B, then this would raise a lot of red flags. Not only would this increase your chances of subscribers marking your emails as spam, but chances are you’re going to have a less than desired engagement rate - which inbox providers take into account. 

From a compliance standpoint, this is also considered list sharing which would be a violation of Klaviyo’s Acceptable Use Policy. Since members of site A did not expressly share consent and subscribe to receive content from site B. 

I’ve previously discussed a similar situation in the Community post below: