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  • 27 April 2023
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I have been getting odd and inaccurate numbers in Klaviyo Flow analytics.

I sent myself through a flow and never received the email - I’m not sure why it didn’t hit the inbox, if there was spam blocking or firewall issues but it never hit my inbox.

Klaviyo still reported that not only was the email delivered but it was opened and clicked on!

Similarly with an SMS that I received but did not click on Klaviyo logged that I clicked the SMS.

And today looking at live customers who went through a flow it is showing that 60% of the people who clicked links in the email opened it 0 times, I am not sure how that is possible though.


But these issues are making it difficult to trust the numbers I’m seeing - I raised a support ticket 2 weeks ago regarding this issue and have yet to hear from support - it does seem that this community board is monitored more regularly though.


Emails that were not delivered nor opened or clicked 
People who Clicked on emails they didn’t open
The SMS I never clicked on!


Klaviyo support ticket

Thank you for any guidance or support this community can offer :) 


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Hi @dgibbs, welcome to the community!

Just note that most of us here are just like you, participating and sharing things we’ve learned - though many Klaviyo team members also participate as well.  So glad to see you here!

A few reasons why you might be getting “clicks” on emails that were never opened.  These reasons for these “phantom clicks” aren’t easy to confirm, or even have official answers, but I'll list some conventional wisdom for consideration:

  • Some email clients/programs (or within secure IT organizations) scan email for viruses or try to determine if links are “bad” or contain phishing attempts.  These enterprise tools do “click” on a link (in a secure environment) to check where it goes to make sure emails aren’t going somewhere inappropriate.  So they don’t “open” and email because it’s a robot.
  • They way most email providers tracks “opens” literally since the beginning of the internet, is by placing invisible (1 pixel by 1 pixel, often times transparent or empty images) in the email and see if that image is “downloaded” when you open the email.  As you can imagine, lots of organizations block these types of images (by default) for the same reasons for privacy, tracking, or security provisions. 
  • Add in the complication with Apple’s email privacy solution, along with other privacy/security tools, there’s always going to be some inaccuracy.  So most “open rates” aren’t always 100% precise - but as you get more and more recipients the variance decreases with a larger sample size.

Now for your own particular case, that is strange that it reports that the email was delivered and opened/clicked on.  Are you using Apple Mail (on mobile), Outlook, or within an Enterprise environment (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, etc)? 

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Thanks - I’m sorry if the tone of my post was more blunt/direct then necessary and I do appreciate the communal nature of the support community.

We are using Outlook in the office here, and maybe Android on my phone does a “robot” security click on the SMS link? but if that is the case then my sms link clicking reporting will be off by a fair margin if every phone “clicks” the link before the owner has a chance to view it - guess we’ll track it from GA.

I’m concerned about the delivery rates of our emails and the new “Spring 2023 Klaviyo Product Event: Feature Walkthrough” webinar this morning went over the new delivery tracking tools - but it does not look like it will be available for Flow triggered email sends just yet… and that it where 95% of our emails will be sent.


Thanks again