Established Account with huge spike in bounces?

  • 16 July 2022
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One of my accounts that has been sending via Klaviyo for years and is only sending to a very engaged user list has seen a sudden spike in bounces particularly from apple accounts like @me @mac and @icloud


See screenshot of the email performance in the last 30 days. Anyone else seeing this? Any advice? These are soft bounces. What should I check to find out why this is happening? 



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4 replies

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Hi @laurenwebby,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community.

I recommend reviewing my colleague’s post below - it contains a discussion on how and why soft bounces occur and also contains some helpful link discussing similar topics:

If you still have questions after reviewing those threads, you may want to get in touch with our support team. We have a deliverability department that will be able to take a deep dive into your particular account to assist further if need be.

Thanks for being a community member.


Hi, something similar is happening to us, there have been peaks in the past but during the last few days it’s becoming a trend. 


Even highly engaged subscribers are bouncing, like the image below:


A 40% of the accounts are, and, but the there’s still a 60% for other domains.

I contacted support 2 days ago and they checked the DNS configuration looked correct, I followed up yesterday and this morning with more information but haven’t received an answer yet.

I’ve checked most of the post related to this topic in the forums, I wonder if the issue is either on Sendgrid or Klaviyo servers since this is happening to more people? 




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Hi @juanmunoz,

Thanks for checking in here.

I recommend awaiting a reply from our team (they will get back to you, I promise) because they will be able to give you deeper insight into the reasons behind the bounces by looking into your specific deliverability-related settings in addition to other 3rd parties that may be involved in the matter. If it is indeed a trend across Klaviyo accounts, I will relay that communication here as well.

Thanks for being a community member.

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Hi - Wanted to post a follow up. We discovered why the bounces were occurring. The web dev team had updated/renewed the SSL for the website and this as a result changed something in the dedicated send domain. This caused our domain to be flagged. Once this was updated everything improved. Hope this helps someone in the future.