Export total attributed revenue for each campaign

  • 8 May 2023
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Has anyone been able to get in touch with Klaviyo support via phone? I have been trying to get in contact with them and have had no luck. 


My boss is getting very aggravated that we see a total attributed revenue, but the numbers to back it up are only in Klaviyo and there is no way for us to export these into a .CVS file by each campaign. We feel that if they have our information on the backend, then we should be able to export these numbers into a file to decipher ourselves, it should not be this hard.


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Hello @Gen,

At present, Klaviyo does not offer phone support. Klaviyo currently offers email and live chat support to customers on paid plans for either SMS or profiles/email as explained in our How to contact support Help Center article. 

Although there isn’t a method to export this information via a .CSV but is available in-app as previously mentioned in another Community post you opened on this subject.

Another option you have would be through our Query Metric Aggregates API endpoint. Using this endpoint, you’re able to dive deep into the performance of your Klaviyo account, including:

  • Pull aggregate level data on any metric you store in Klaviyo
  • Pull email engagement or revenue impact per flow/campaign
  • Get List growth data broken down by month per list
  • Count of any custom metric broken down by time period
  • Recreate Campaign/Flow reports you see in Klaviyo

Our (New) Using the Query Metric Aggregates Endpoint Developer guide explains this endpoint in greater details and even offers some example API calls to help get you started. 

I hope this helps!