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Does anyone know how I can export a CVS file that will give me the amount of sales for each customer as well? 


I have tried creating a segment and doing it this way, but it only gives me the option to do CLV and I would like the sales from certain campaigns and flows I have done.


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Hey Gen,

Can you clarify a bit here? Are you looking for the individual transactions by customer? To me, Customer Lifetime Value is the same thing as the amount of sales by customer.

Also, what eComm platform are you on? Could be easier to export from that platform. 



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Yes, I would like the sales to be able to be separated by campaign rather than total sales.

We use Shopify!

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Hey @Gen,

You wouldn’t be able to export it as a .CSV file, but you can always look at the Placed Order metric (or whatever metric you count as conversions) and filter the activity feed by attributed message or attributed flow.

Alternatively, you could also export the segment of users who’ve made a purchase attributed a specific campaign and cross-reference it with the users who’ve made a recent purchase in your Shopify backend.