Facebook Tracking incomplete after Klaviyo Setup

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Hey guys, 

we experienced a strange behavior after implementing Klaviyo in a Shopify store. 

The Facebook event tracking stopped working as expected. We have seen a drop in tracked page views of up to 70%. This doesn’t seem right. 

Has anybody else experienced anything similar in their Facebook Ads account after implementing Klaviyo and has an idea how we can solve this?

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Hi @NextLevel, I’ve seen slight performance dips here and there before, but not anything that dramatic or sustained. 

Klaviyo (klaviyo.js) code is technically non-blocking (asynchronous) from my past inspections, but you may want to figure out if there are any runtime errors on your landing pages (Facebook Destination URLs) that might be blocking Facebook Tracking pixel/events from firing.  This depends highly on how your Shopify Templates were implemented so it’s hard to point to a specific reason why you’re encountering this issue.

In case you’re not aware, Facebook has a Pixel Helper tool that might also help diagnose any issues with the event tracking: 

As a last resort, if you are using Klaviyo’s automatic Javascript injection into the Shopify Theme (checkbox in the Klaviyo Shopify Integration Settings), you may want to consider placing it manually so you can re-order where Klaviyo’s code is placed. 

However, I would do this as the last resort if you can’t figure out why the Facebook Tracking Pixel isn’t firing consistently.  Remember, it’s not impossible for Facebook Ad Manager to sometimes under-report, have bugs themselves which might catch up in a day or two.  

Hope that helps you find the solution!

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Hey @retention !

Thanks for taking the time to answer. That helps a lot. 

We are digging deeper into the topic and if there is anything else we discover, I’ll add it here.