Gmail Privacy Changes? Please advise

  • 28 April 2022
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Hi Experts,


Was their any updates made by Gmail for Privacy. I have just registered on Glockapps and they flagged our emails are going into spam on Gmail. based on the recommendations, i removed unwanted images and shorten the image size to balance 65/35 but the difference is not huge, it is still flagging spam. though the open rate for Gmail emails is 31%.

Just wondering if there was any change happened in gmail privacy which is why it is happening? If so should i create a separate segment for gmail customers and start sending text based emails?


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3 replies

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Hi @Sunny,

How does your Gmail open rate compare with other inbox providers?  A 31% open rate, generally speaking, is quite good - so unless the open rates of the other inbox providers are significantly higher, your email getting flagged as spam could be anecdotal and not necessarily widespread.  You can look at your benchmark reports to see how you compare with your peers. Gmail spam filtering is highly personalized (possibly across thousands of data points in its algorithm) so what you see as spam isn’t necessarily the same for everyone else.  

Having said all that, it’s always good to try new approaches and do some A/B testing though.  So it’s not a bad idea to segment out your Gmail recipients, and then do an A/B testing between plain text (or different subject/content) to see if you can get even better performance and verify your deliverability.


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Hi @retention thank you so much for the insight.

Here are the screenshots from the advanced reports for two of the campaigns.  I checked Feb. and march benchmarks and as per reports for are on a good spot. but the app that we are using for inbox placement and sender reputations is telling the different story. 


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@Sunny It’s also good to keep in mind that Glockapps shows you the likelihood of emails ending up in spam - but it’s not an exact science. As @retention mentioned, there are TONS of factors that Gmail uses to identify spam, so what Glockapps is giving you in the report is essentially the risk of spam, not necessarily the actual amount of emails ending up in Spam. 

 Sometimes it helps to run another test using a different campaign to see if Glockapps reports the same results.