Google Analytics Reporting More Revenue Than Klaviyo

  • 19 April 2021
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Hi everyone, I just began to experience the following:


  1. Google analytics is attributing more revenue to a Klaviyo email campaign than Klaviyo.
  2. My email campaigns have recently been getting clipped.

Are the two issues related?


Google Analytics should NEVER attribute more conversions and revenue than Klaviyo to email campaigns given how each platform attributes success.

What could be the culprit?




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Hey @Filterbuy,

There’s a thread found in this Community Forum regarding a similar instance of misalignment in metrics between Klaviyo and Google Analytics: 


Clipped emails, would impact revenue being attributed to Klaviyo in the sense that if an email is clipped, the Klaviyo tracking pixel to track when an email is opened is omitted and cut off as the email is clipped. As such, due to this clipping, if a customer were to open a clipped email, then proceed to purchase by organically navigating to your website, Google Analytics may track this as originating from Klaviyo; whereas from within Klaviyo, we would not see this attribution. This is because Klaviyo has a 5-day last interaction model (open or clicked) where whichever email is recorded as last being opened or clicked, received within 5 days, immediately before the Placed order/sales event, would be the email to receive the attributed revenue. 


When an email is clipped, if there is no opened email event recorded prior to this sale, thus Klaviyo would not attribute this sale and would therefore display a lower than expected attributed revenue. For this Klaviyo uses last interaction where even in the instance an email is clipped and an opened email event is not being recorded, if a customer clicks on the email to make a purchase, this gap is closed and the email would receive the attribution for this sale.