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  • 24 October 2022
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I’m looking to set up tracking of my flows and campaigns in Google Analytics. When I select Campaign Value as the static option of Klaviyo - this reports as ‘other’ in Google analytics rather than ‘email’ - can anyone suggest how I make sure this is tracking as Email rather than other?


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Hi there @CC_ArdMoor ,

Welcome and thanks for sharing.

I understand you are looking to resolve some issues regarding Google Analytics and your UTM tracking. 

First I would recommend reviewing your UTM settings here. Then you should go to a campaign you're working on or a flow that you're using and check to ensure that you are assigning UTMs.  To test this, you can preview the email, send it to yourself, and click through a link to see what UTMs come through. 

if Klaviyo is assigning these correctly, then it comes down to classifications on the GA side.

  • Here are the guidelines from GA directly on channel breakdown:
    • In your current state, I'd expect your traffic to continue to build up in Email since you have utm_medium set to email
    • If you had this set to anything else previously, then it makes sense why this was collecting under Other and Klaviyo
  • If you're trying to differentiate between campaign and flow performance, you can look at utm_campaign as you're assigning this based on the campaign or flow message name

Hope that helped,