Google/Yahoo sender reqs. with 2 differing domains

  • 21 March 2024
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I have been trying to get this Sender Requirements worked out. Only just found out this was an issue, so there’s that.

Received this in an email the other day:

Aligned Domain
Uh oh, looks like you’ve recently sent some emails that don’t match up. Ensure your default sender email address aligns with your branded sending domain here, then use Klaviyo’s “apply sender email to all messages” feature to fix all your flows at once.


We use Google Workspace as our company's email.

It uses this domain:


Our website is under a different domain:


Wordpress is sending transactional emails from


Our Klaviyo branded sending domain is set up:


Default Klaviyo sender email address is: (which is a Google Workspace group email, not an account)


Woocommerce is sending order emails using: (also, a Google Workspace group email, not an account)


Am I trying to fix or do something that cannot be done? 


Does my email domain need to be the same as my website?


I have been reading through everything on this DMARC and supposedly everything is verified.


Our web host Kinsta is handing the DNS for Namecheap is DNS for




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Hey there @derek! No sweat here and thanks for the thorough information. You were on the right track but looks like you aligned your branded sending domain to your website and not the domain you actually use to send mail. In most cases these are one in the same, but your case is different. 


It sounds like all of your email marketing and transactional communications go through That’s the domain you need to set up a branded sending domain for. Essentially, Google and Yahoo want to make sure that where mail is coming from and who claims they sent it are the same. You’re getting an error because you’re telling inboxes you’re sending from but signing it as The inboxes don’t know it’s the same business!


If you plan to keep Woocommerce and Wordpress sending transactional mail as, then I suggest removing your branded sending domain records for via Kinsta and instead set up as your branded sending domain through Namecheap.


Then, everything will align and you’ll be all set!


Thank you Kaila


All done and active.