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  • 15 June 2023
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Good morning, 


I have just switched to Klavyio, I am two weeks in, and have sent 3 email campaigns using the ‘guided’ settings. 

My open rate is constant with my previous platform, however I am not generating any click or sales. 


My click rate used to be 3-5% with a 34-38% open rate. Now it is 0.1%-0.4%

The style and content is totally comparable with my pre-Klavyio emails

Why would this be?

Can I send to all the excluded customers - how would I identify who Klavyio selected?


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Hello @Victoria,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

By ‘guided’ settings, I’m assuming you’re talking about the guided domain warming process we offer for campaigns?

Although the content you’re sending is comparable between your old ESP and Klaviyo, other areas to consider that would impact your email’s click rate is if your sending strategy has changed since switching to Klaviyo. 

For example, if you were sending to a targeted audience of on your previously ESP versus sending to your entire list while on Klaviyo. To offer an example, if you were sending to 100 people in your previous ESP and 4 people clicked your email, that would equate to a 4% open rate. However, if since switching to Klaviyo, you sent out to 1000 people including those original 4 openers and they opened the email. Then the email would return a 0.4% open rate. 

When using Klaviyo’s guided warming feature, Klaviyo will help optimize your recipient list to target the most engaged recipients. As part of this process, unengaged members will also be omitted from your campaign. This “smart audience,” that is maintained by Klaviyo of users deemed unengaged would not be a group of members that can be identified. 

Although guided warming is suggested, you don’t always have to use the guided warming feature. Instead, you can always go through a manual warming processes as well. Especially if you aren’t seeing the desired results through the guided warming. As the account owner, you know your audience/recipients best! 

To go through a manually warming process, I would advise taking a look through our Understanding ramping vs. warming and How to ramp and warm your sending infrastructure Help Center articles. 

I hope this helps!