Help required in grouping profiles for particular event

  • 10 November 2021
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Hi, Good morning

screenShot 1: For fulfilled order event there is a sum of 264$ happened 


Screenshot 2: Here it shows total 5 unique profiles trigged this event


Screenshot 3: I am trying to group by email (profile property) to get sum of orders from each profile but I am getting no data. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks



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Hello @Deepak SP,

Thanks for sharing this observation with the Klaviyo Community!

Although odd, this is actually expected behavior. This is because the dimensions dropdown menu for the group or filter function displays all profile properties available across your entire account. This is also inclusive of those properties that may be inaccessible such many of the Klaviyo Special Properties

To see a list of grouping and filters available, I would suggest navigating to the Analytics tab of your account, finding the metric you were interested in, and near the top seeing the available filters under the Advanced Filters option. If you were trying to see the total sum of your customer’s orders, instead of this method, I would suggest utilizing a segment and leveraging Klaviyo’s Predictive Analytics function.

This feature allows you to create a segment to group your desired customers and then export the data to a .CSV while including the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) property. Using this method would return a .CSV file which highlights the total value a customer has spent with your store. In addition, you can also make full use of Klaviyo’s API to export and analyze your conversion data as mentioned in the How to Export Conversion Data Help Center articles. The API option would give you more flexibility in your analysis of the data outside of Klaviyo. When using this method, we suggest working with your developer or speaking with one of our many Klaviyo Partners who can provide further assistance. 

I’ll also be sharing your feedback with our product team to clarify the Custom Reporting function!

I hope this helps! Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!