How can I get more detailed analytics on my campaigns and flows?

  • 29 February 2024
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to find more detailed analytics on our campaigns and flows. I am hoping that yall can guide me in the right direction bc all of my searching has led me nowhere. We have created some campaigns and have had some excellent results as far as leading to sales. However, we would like to know if those people are purchasing initially or if they are waiting until they get a coupon code to purchase. 


For example:

We created a Black History Month newsletter email that included some history on the holiday, some notable figures, and a couple of recipes. We did NOT include any sort of coupon code or promotion in this email. It was a hit and we had a lot of sales from it—but we would like to know if these sales were done solely because our campaign influenced them to purchase our products at full price (without any code) or if the people went to our site from tge campaign and browsed….and then left and waited to receive an Abandoned Cart or Abandoned Checkout flow email in order to get one of those discount codes….and THEN they came back to the site and purchased with the code. 


Does anyone know how to get these detailed analytics or is there something I need to integrate? We use Shopify with Klaviyo. We also use Gmail for our domain and for email and other things.


I appreciate any suggestions!


-Brook, Igotchu Seasonings 


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@IgotchuSeasonings hey there!

Just wanted to add a few thoughts on what Bobi and Kaila said previously!

Firstly, you said you’re using “Gmail” for your domain and other things - does that mean the “from” address in your email is “” (replace “email” with your actual address)? If so, you need to change this to “” as soon as possible as this will impact your deliverability.

Further to this, it seems like your question isn’t necessarily about reporting, but about attribution.

This means that your attribution model might be affecting how revenue is attributed to your email marketing in Klaviyo. By default, Klaviyo will have that set up to “Open Or Clicked Email” and the timeframe will be, I think, 7 days.

You’d be well suited to change this to “Clicked Email” only, and then to reduce the attribution window to 2-3 days. This will ensure only the people who click on your emails, then purchase in a very short time, will be attributed to your email program. You will most likely see a revenue drop but this is mostly statistical as the revenue will actually get attributed elsewhere (e.g. your SEO, PPC, or other channels).

From there, you can run the regular Klaviyo reports to understand how an email drove sales.

To find out more about Klaviyo attribution, please read through THIS ARTICLE, which explains it well.

Happy to chat further!

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what you are explaining there is no way for that thing to happen because Klaviyo doesn’t attribute revenue to the first email you open but to the last one. So if the revenue is attributed to that campaign that means that people bought after opening or clicking that campaign last. 

If what you saying happened, they open that email and later opened another email with discount and bought then, the revenue would have been attributed to the other email with the discount and not this one.

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Hey there @IgotchuSeasonings! This is an incredible question. I’m checking around internally with our data science wizards to see what they would recommend in this case. In the meantime, I’d love to tap some of our Klaviyo Champions for their brain power on this one: @In the Inbox @Bobi N. @Omar and @retention