How can I see the type of bounced emails and then remove them from my list?

  • 21 October 2022
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I want to know how can we see in klaviyo the reason and type of bounced email? And also how can we remove bounced emails from email list?


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Hi @Maria Batool


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To see overall bounces across all campaigns, view the Campaign Trends Report. While you can use segments to group the profiles that have hard or soft bounced, you can also see the individual type of bounce for a customer by clicking into the customer profile and search for the bounced email event. You can click on the timestamp for the event on the right-hand side and see whether the bounce recorded is hard or soft. I’d check out our documentation on understanding bounced emails in Klaviyo to learn more!


It should be noted that Klaviyo will automatically suppress emails that hard bounce, and then exclude them from future emails. You can see these email addresses by clicking the Profiles tab and selecting Suppressed Profiles in the upper right-hand corner of your account. However, if you want to group together users who are in your list that have soft bounced multiple times, I would create a a chronic soft bounce segment and suppress these users to make sure your deliverability doesn’t suffer because of these chronic soft bounces. While Klaviyo will suppress a user if they’ve soft bounced 7 times, I would recommend grouping them together and suppressing them before this to stay ahead of the game and ensure you maintain a good sender reputation. Especially in time for BFCM! 


Finally, I’d recommend checking out these additional resources to gain more insight!


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