How do I add an alt attribute to an image in one of my campaigns?

  • 2 December 2022
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I recently used a tool that helps determine deliverability of my emails.  I had a couple of issues that I need to correct in my emails to make them more deliverable.  One of those issues was “We found 1 images without alt attribute in your message body”.  I figured out which image it was and I can find that image in my “images and brand” section under “Content” in Klaviyo.  But I have no way of adding or editing alt attributes.  Can that be done in Klaviyo or do I continue to suffer with lower deliverability scores?  Thanks


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4 replies

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Hi @Carey Rouse ,

I'll attach this here where we mention this, but we recommend to prevent spam filtering, to add "Alt text" to any images used in your email templates. Screenshot attached of where you can add this in the editor.


Alt text is really just a quick description of what the image is. I'll link this here for a more in depth description, and you'll see an image of pancakes, with alt text an pancakes. So this can really be anything - but typically a quick word of what the image is. 

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Thanks Alex.  I think I finally figured out what was going on.  I was making new emails by just cloning an older email.  Once it is cloned, there isn’t a way to add the alt text.  It looks like the only way to add alt text is in the templates.  So then I went into all my templates and found where the images did not have alt text and added alt text.  And then I created a new template from the latest email that I sent out and then I went into that template and added alt text.  As long as I base my future emails off of any of my newly updated templates...I should be good.    Does that sound right?

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Hi @Carey Rouse ,

Yes you would have to edit the template of the email and not necessarily just work with the clone. 

I would just be mindful of future sends to check the template and email you are working with and double check those details in case something has changed.




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Awesome Carey! Glad you’re able to add ALT TITLE attributes. Definitely this is important to have for all images. However, it doesn’t impact deliverability directly but can affect user experience if images not loaded automatically, that may lead to spam complaints because of poor inbox experience. 

Just FYI - Gmail loads the images by default but other mailbox providers like Outlook, it requires recipient permission to load images manually or automatically from next time.

Hope that helps.