How do I add segments for the metrics tab

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I am looking at the Metrics Tab and there seems to be a toggle to select a specific segment or “Everyone” but I don’t see how/where to add segments to this available list - any help is greatly appreciated :)


Best answer by David To 16 May 2023, 18:27

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Hello @dgibbs,

Great question!

Instead of selecting a traditional segment (one you create within Klaviyo), that section you’re highlighting is actually indicating the segment you’ve filtered for using the filters found near the top of the chart. 

For example, you can filter where a specific item was purchased. This in turn would be your “segment” of customers who placed an order for this specific product.


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Thanks - So is there a way to save those filters to overlay and compare different segments - I’m looking at orders placed and graphing them by Attributed Message and it would be great to see how different flows or messages compared in this conversion metric.



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Hi @dgibbs, 

Although you cannot save those filters, you can export them to a CSV. 
Unfortunately, this isn't a feature we currently have, but I'm more than happy to submit a feature request to our product team! I can't say when this feature would be implemented, but I know this feature would be very useful.
In the meantime, the best solution is to keep viewing and comparing the segment analytics for each individual segment (more on segment engagement reports).