How do I find the average lifetime value of those who purchased more than 2 times in the past 1 year?

  • 25 October 2021
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I can click into the “Profiles” tab and view a specific customer’s predictive analytics / CLV. But how do I find an average and also filter it to those who purchased more than 2 times, 3 times, etc. 


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Glad I could help @blyw!

Yes your combined definition will look for placed order profiles above 2 only made in the last 365 days!

That’s an interesting tool you found! Thanks for sharing :) It seems to be a google sheet where you can place in analytics and data you have so it will automatically compile it for you into charts and organize it. 

All these terms can be found within our Guide to Klaviyo's Predictive Analytics that goes over each! 
I would say it is a useful tool, but you can always do the same on Excel.


Have a good day!

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Hi @alex.hong,


Thank you for your detailed reply!


I did end up creating a segment for those who Placed Order greater than 2 times in the past 365 days. I combined them into one Definition instead of creating two definitions (1. Placed order greater than 2 times) and (2. Last 365 days). I hope the combined method still works.


I didn’t realize that I could just simply get the average in the spreadsheet column through Excel so thanks for that! Simple solution but it completely slipped my mind, haha.


On another note, I found a Klaviyo CLV Calculation Template tool online and followed the instructions to plug in all the data. I’m having difficulty understanding what the calculations mean, such as Bins and the many rows of data for Historic CLV, Predicted CLV, Threshold Groups, etc. I tried to search for explanations but couldn’t find any. Do you have any thoughts to share about this tool?


Thank you so much!



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Hi there @blyw,

Thanks for posting to the Community! I hope to provide some info regarding our CLV analytics and how you can access averages!

I'd start by creating a Segment of the users you would to include. So if you're only interested in customers who've made a purchase, create a Segment for those who Placed Order at least once, adjusting the time frame to your needs - e.g. over all time or in the last 30 days. 
Once you've built the Segment you'd like to view CLV for, you can export the segment to CSV and select "Historic Customer Lifetime Value" as a field for export. Then, you can view all of the historic CLVs in your CSV file and just work out the average of that spreadsheet column. 
Historic CLV refers to a person's spend-to-date. The total CLV field in Klaviyo refers to the sum of someone's historic CLV + their predicted spend in the next 12 months. If you are also interested in that average, you can export total CLV as well!
This article could be useful as well: How to Segment by Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

If you wanted to filter by the amount of times they placed an order, you would just need to add an additional filter your segment collection! For example: Has Placed Order → Is greater than 2 → Over X time.


Hope this helped!