How do you clean bounces from your account?

  • 27 November 2020
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An email bounces when it doesn’t successfully deliver or is rejected from the inbox provider. Klaviyo will automatically suppress profiles that hard bounce, but what about emails that soft bounce?

Klaviyo will suppress these profiles automatically after 7 consecutive bounces (with no successful deliveries in between) but if you’re concerned about your deliverability, you may want to consider cleaning these bounces from your list! 

You can create a segment of profiles who have bounced a certain number of times (i.e. 3x) and suppress that segment of customers before they reach the 7 consecutive bounce rule. To do this, create a segment in your account using the following conditions:

You can use the filter icon to filter by Bounce Type and then select Soft when you click into the text box. Note that if you simply segment by Bounced Email, all profiles that bounce (regardless of the Bounce Type) will be pulled into your segment!

Once created, export this segment as a CSV, navigate to the Profiles tab of your account, click the Suppressed Profiles button, and upload the CSV to suppress these users!

Learn more about the difference between hard and soft bounces here. If you are experiencing issues with deliverability, feel free to reach out to our support team at for assistance!

2 replies

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If you have a problem with the deliverability, You have to clean you email list frequently. When you dont clean your list, eventually it will affect your sender reputation and you may get end up in spam. There are lots of email list cleaning services in the market but you have to choose carefully. Email verifier helps you remove invalid email addresses, spam traps, low bounce and hard bounce. If you have any further doubt, there is a good blog about Top 10 Email Verifiers. You should check it out because it contains very deep comparison between best verifiers available in the market today.

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The big issue with almost all the email clean tools is they don't have automatic integration with Klaviyo. You must perform the list validations manually from time to time.

I tested almost all of them, and I found only this one has Automatic Integration with Klaviyo: for list cleaning. It validates every new email acquired automatically (spam traps included). I'm pleased about that finding! :relaxed: