How Gmail tracks unsubscribes

  • 21 December 2022
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Does anyone have info on how Gmail or other inbox providers track unsubscribes?

More particularly my questions are:

  • Does Gmail track unsubscribes on Klaviyo emails at all?
    (clicks {% unsubscribe %} inside the email)
  • At what point does it record them as unsubscribes?
    (I noticed that Klaviyo doesn’t record it until the unsubscribe is confirmed on the unsubscribe page.)
  • Does Gmail record it when someone ticks the unsubscribe option on the Manage Preferences page and unsubscribes that way?

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3 replies

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Hey @Adam B,

Although it’s true that theoretically, Gmail won’t track/see when someone unsubscribes from a Klaviyo email, that’s not to say it won’t impact your deliverability. Unsubscribes are only a part of how Gmail and other inbox providers use to determine your sending reputation. Other aspects that impact your deliverability include how engaged your recipients are (opens and clicks), how often recipients mark your email as spam, to name a few. 

Additionally, when recipients use the list unsubscribe function built into the Gmail UI, that would actually trigger an unsubscribe event in Klaviyo. This way those contacts will be suppressed going forward.

Further outreaches to these contacts who have explicitly opted out will be in violation of a number of regulations including CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CASTL, and others. 

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, I would suggest taking a look at some of our resources on this topic such as the Help Centers below:

We also have a great Deliverability certification academy course that goes over a lot of the basics of understanding deliverability that could be helpful to take. 


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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley 

But then, if Gmail doesn’t see Klaviyo unsubscribes those don’t effect our deliverability either. Is that correct?

And I also wonder what happens to those contacts and the emails sent to them, that unsubscribe via Gmail? If Kalviyo doesn’t see those unsubscribe then we keep emailing those contacts. So do we end up in the spam, or Gmail won’t deliver the emails? 

Thanks again, 

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Hi there @Adam B


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Gmail only tracks their own unsubscribes just like how Klaviyo will track our own. Unfortunately, while Klaviyo doesn’t have any insight into this, I have found some helpful articles about the subject that might be insightful! 


Gmail only tracks their own unsubscribes just like how Klaviyo will track their own.

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