How is it possible to have someone click an email without an open metric recorded?

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In an campaign was checking a particular user profile. The email was of The profile had 1 click but 0 open for one of the campaign. Does anyone know what can cause this?


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Hi @Sanket


Thanks for sharing your question with us! I’m happy to provide some clarity here as a user has to open an email in order to click on any links in the email, so this is indeed an interesting situation. 


In very rare cases, it’s possible for a recipient to click an email without opening it if they click a link before the email loads completely. This is related to the way Klaviyo tracks opens in our system. Essentially, Klaviyo tracks open events by placing a tiny, invisible pixel image at the bottom of every email. When a recipient opens your email, we record this invisible pixel (web beacon) as "viewed" and mark the email as opened. This method of open tracking is the industry standard.
Additionally, you can edit the location of your tracking pixel to be placed at the top of the email content by navigating to Account > Settings > Email; You will find this option in "Tracking Settings." See below:

Finally, this odd instance can also happen if the Email was clipped in their inbox. Clipping occurs in Gmail inboxes when you send a message that exceeds a certain size, which can vary based on the device used to open the email. Either of these possibilities could be the reason why the click metric registered, but the open metric did not.


If you notice this occurring more frequently however, I would contact our awesome support team to investigate this issue further. 


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This happens all the time for me too. The last email I sent out had 16 different people that clicked on it, but of those 16 people who recorded a click, only 5 of them also registered an “open”. It’s a normal thing with our campaigns. At least half of our customers who record a click don’t record an open. Makes me really question the validity of any Klaviyo stat.

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Hello @NexLev,

If you’re sure that your emails are not being clipped, which is the most prominent cause of this behavior, this may mean you’re seeing these as bot clicks. 

The HubSpot Community actually has a great article, Are Bots Affecting Your Email? explaining this sort of behavior. 

Unfortunately, this sort of behavior is something all marketers face. Bots are used as a security measure to scan emails prior to being delivered to the recipient to protect them from malicious links and/or content. These bots will “click” through all the links in an email to ensure they lead to an appropriate destination. 

However, because email tracking pixels are not clickable links, they oftentimes are not loaded and triggered. This means you’ll only see click activity from a profile, but no associated open activity.