How Klaviyo Treats iOS Opens

  • 1 July 2021
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After two years of coming to grips with Klaviyo I noticed something new today! Always exciting. :grin:

This post/question is driven by the desire to be in a position where I can elegantly sift out sending emails to those that do not open over an extended period.

Today, I realised that emails being viewed (at least in iPhone) are not registered as open, in Klaviyo, until the images are downloaded.

So, this means that if a recipient’s phone is set to not “Load Remote Images” in the settings, like mine is, Klaviyo does not show that the article has been opened, even though it could have been fully read without downloading.  Once the images are downloaded, Klaviyo registers the open

There may be something in the Klaviyo resources but I haven’t spotted it, if there is. 

I don’t know if this is part of the iOS changes or not but, either way it is an issue because if I am sending follow ups to those that Did Not Open the first, some users are unnecessarily getting two emails. That would drive me crazy!

So my question is - why bother with image based emails?  Perhaps it would be more reliable to simply send text emails. Or is this such a small problem that I shouldn’t worry about it? 

One thing it DOES make me do is go back to all my emails that are configured to resend and also include ‘Did not click’ as that does at least register.  It will be a small % of the opens but it is something.

I’d appreciate any input/suggestions.



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Hey @PaulyB 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for insight on open/click rates from your customer’s phones and I’m so sorry for the delayed response on this! Thank you for being part of Klaviyo for two years now! It’s members like you, who make Klaviyo better. Your experience, questions and collaboration help all of us grow! Hopefully I can help provide some clarity to you and the Community!

To get started, Klaviyo tracks open rates by placing a tiny, invisible pixel image at end of every email. When the email has been opened we mark the image as “viewed”, then marks the email as opened, this is an industry standard. Whether you are using plain text emails or multimedia content, this pixel is always present for tracking purposes. Understanding Conversion Tracking goes more in-depth on how open rates are tracked and includes a link on how to change where in your emails pixel is located. By default, this pixel is located at the bottom of your emails; however, you have the ability to move it to the top. If you send very large messages, then choosing to have this pixel at the top of your emails can improve open tracking that is otherwise cut or “clipped” by some inbox providers.

In many cases when customers have their setting enabled of "Do not load images" (available in all email clients), this would cause the pixel to not load, and not track the open. Because this is entirely up to to the customer’s email client settings, there is no current way to track opens in these cases, but you can still track clicks, like you stated in your post! shared some additional insight into open/click rates and what it means to have your emails “clipped” that you may find useful in these Community post:


I hope this helped answer your questions or gave you a path forward to discover more. Thank you so much for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hello Stephen and thank you for you opening welcome.  I must admit this had taken so long for a response I had forgotten I had written it, although the question was still on my mind.

Thank you also for your excellent answer.  As the number of clicks are significantly less than opens it doesn't entirely solve the problem but, as you can say there is little we can do about it except potentially annoy the recipients.

Thanks again,