How to Audit Your Klaviyo Account Part 1: Deliverability

  • 31 March 2021
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How to Audit Your Klaviyo Account Part 1: Deliverability
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Welcome! So you’re using Klaviyo, and want to know how your account is performing. An audit is a great tool to assess your performance. This is Part 1 of a series of Community posts that will walk you through an audit of your Klaviyo account. Let’s get started!

Deliverability is the ability for your message to successfully reach your recipient. Poor deliverability means your messages don’t reach your subscribers, so it’s important to understand how to identify and address any deliverability issues early. 

We use this chart to measure deliverability across different email metrics.


If you see rates in the Critical or Room for Improvement ranges, here are some steps you can take to address it. 

Clean Your List

It’s best practice to clean your list at least twice a year, or more if you disabled double opt-in for your lists. To do so, use segmentation to identify unengaged profiles and suppress them.

Keep in mind that once you bulk suppress a list or segment, this cannot be undone. The suppressed profiles remain intact in your account, but you will not be able to email them until they've re-subscribed. Suppressed profiles do not count towards your subscription plan's active profile count.

Send to Highly Engaged Subscribers

Most inbox providers (like Gmail and Yahoo) track how recipients interact with your emails, focusing on things like how many emails bounce or are opened, clicked, and marked as spam. If you send to an unengaged list or segment (i.e. those who haven't opened an email in 3-6 months), inbox providers will start placing your emails in spam for all recipients.

Sending to engaged subscribers is a fundamental rule of good email marketing. If you don't, you put your sender reputation and deliverability at risk. 

Use Double Opt-In for Your Lists

How you acquire subscribers to your list matters and can impact your deliverability. Double opt-in protects your list from misspelled or fake email addresses that people may use to take advantage of an offer or giveaway. Klaviyo defaults all lists to double opt-in.


Learn how to improve your deliverability across key metrics with guides dedicated to each key deliverability performance indicator. In Part 2, we take a look at the most impactful flows to set up in your Klaviyo account, and how to gauge their performance.


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