How to count people who klicked on button and save them?

  • 27 February 2023
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I am using klaviyo for our costumers.
We are planning a campaign which we are sending to costumers who havent engaged with us for some time and and we want to build in two links (one to a discount code to buy something and one to just confirm, they would like to stay in our newsletter.

Now we want archieve that that we get the data of the people who klick on at least one of these links so we dont delete them out of our lists.
We tried it with this one
{% update_property_link 'win-back-2023KW7' 'won' '' %}

but its not working and also we dont ger to the website we pasted the link for. 
How could we do that?

-get the right link
-count the data of the people who clicked on it.

I would really appreciate your help!
Kind regards


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Hi @soley.andruck ,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for the great question about tracking clickers. 

How to count the data of the people who clicked on it:
The easiest way to collect this data in Klaviyo would be to create a segment of users who have clicked links in this particular campaign. To do so, Create a segment of users for What someone has done » Clicked Email » At least once » Over all time » Where » Message » [Campaign Name]


This will give you a list of users who clicked a link in your particular campaign. You can then export this segment data into a CSV


How to update a profile property when someone clicks a link:
Only standard URLs (i.e., formatted as are supported. This code will work anywhere you'd normally add a link. The property value should be text or a number for best results. Note that if this property is already set for a particular recipient, it will be overwritten when they click the button. Double check for spelling, punctuation, and spaces.

  1. Click on the button where you want to add this feature.
  2. Enter the following into the URL field
    {% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}
  3. Change each section of the code to reflect:
    • 'profile_property': the profile property that you'd like to update or create; for example, favorite_color

    • 'property_value': the value that the particular button corresponds to; for example, blue

    • 'redirect_link': the URL that you want them to redirect them to after they click the button

The same can be done for linked text. 

  1. Highlight the text you'd like to link
  2. Click the hyperlink icon in the text editor
    A text link to update profile properties
  3. Enter the following into the URL field
    {% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}


You can review this Help Center article for more details. 


If you are not already using a Sunset Flow in your Klaviyo account, I would highly recommend doing so at it will automated the process of list cleaning and will suppress subscribers who no longer interact with your brand’s emails. 

Hope this helps! 

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Hi @soley.andruck 

Welcome to the community thanks for the question.

First question is the links unique? If not add to it some utm parameter for example. Then I will create separate segments to count the numbers and create audience for other campaigns/flows, based on filter by URL.